Thank you for your interest in my Spanish program for young children.  As
some of you may know, I believe you don't have to be FLUENT to be

Each month, I will have some new suggestions for your Spanish curriculum.  
Take it and make it your own.  Also, feel free to share what works for you.  
Email me with your suggestions for lesson plans, themes, games and
resources.  I will take some and post them each month and include them in my
~  Ideas for the Month

                                    GAMES FOR LEARNING GREETINGS

    - Hola/Adios Game: Played similar to red light/green light.  Students stand on one
end of the classroom or playground.  When the teacher says “Hola”, the students
walk forward.  When the teacher says “Adios”, they turn and walk away.

    - Como se llama? Game:  Played like Duck, duck, goose.  Students sit in a circle.  
Whomever is “it” walks around the outside of the circle, slowly saying, “Como se
llama?  Como se llama?  Como se llama?  Tell me now!”  The chosen student must
say, “Me llamo es _________!”  Then they chase the first student around the circle.
Celebrating El Dia de Los Muertos with calaveras masks.

~ Spanish curriculum