~~  They are some of today's most popular
superstars in the fields of modeling, TV,
movies, and recording.  These books from the
Today's Superstar series give readers an
inside look at the lives of Will Smith, Tyra
Banks, Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Jessica

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Today's Superstars series,
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~~ Non-Fiction Fun ~~
~~  Ever wonder what the tallest building in the
world is?  What about how super-long bridges
are built or how a roller coaster works?  Find the
answers to these questions and MORE in the
MegaStructures Series.

This new six book series published by Gareth
Stevens looks at the in's and out's of massive
architectural structures all over the world.  High
interest content aimed at readers from 4th grade
up will grab the attention of almost anyone.

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~~  The exciting non-fiction series Amazing
Animal Defenses
published by Enslow

This six book series will take an in-depth look
at different defense mechanisms used by
animals.  Each book will profile some weird,
wacky, and sometimes gross ways that
animals use to stay safe.

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More roller coaster thrills with Ultimate 10
Amusement Park Rides
from Gareth Stevens.

A behind the scenes look at some of the most
hair-raising, scream inducing roller coasters
and thrill rides in the world.  Hang on tight for
this incredible read!
and exciting series which takes a look at the biggest and
smallest of many different creatures.

Published by Enslow Publishing, this series is excellent for
younger, or reluctant readers.

Ever wonder what the biggest insect to ever live was?  Can
you imagine a bat as small as your thumb?  This series will
uncover some of the most amazing animals on our planet.

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~Ever wonder what it would be like to be a spy?  
The Secret World of Spies is a new six
book series published by Enslow Publishing.

This exciting series takes a behind the scenes
look at espionage.  It investigates spy agenies,
technology, super-cool spy gadgets, and more.  
Find out all about double agents and the
shadowy stories of spies around the world.

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