Kersplatypus is the story of a small, strange
creature's search for where he belongs in
this world.  And like most journeys, there
are bumps in the road, and he falls flat
along the way.  He's all alone, without a
home, without a name, but on his journey,
finds some great friends to help.  

Full of adorable Australian creatures
illustrated by
Sherry Rogers, Kersplatypus
is a fun adventure about self-discovery and
kindness to others.

Published by
Sylvan Dell Publishing.

~~  Come along on a rainforest adventure!  A
different take on the children's song,
The Green
Grass Grew All Around
, this picture book
introduces children to the many creatures who
call the rainforest home.

Accompanied by the lush illustrations of
, The Rainforest Grew All Around text
contains interesting side-bars on each page and
a Creative Minds section at the end.  Plus, don't
forget to search for the rainforest insects hidden
throughout the book.

Published by
Sylvan Dell Publishing.
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~~  Stone Pizza takes the familiar tale of Stone
Soup and gives it some Southwestern SPICE!  

Old coyote is hungry and fortunately, very
clever. But can he get all the roadside dwelling
creatures to help him whip up a lip-smacking
meal?  Deliciously pessimistic, Horned Toad
doubts it can be done.  However, the rest of the
cast of critters work together to cook up some

Illustrated by
McNevin Hayes
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trailer on YouTube.
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