Some Weird Facts You May (or may not) Want to Know About Me
~ I do my very best thinking in the shower.  If I am stuck writing, I go hop in the shower
whether I need one or not.  The most I've taken in one day is four.  Apparently pruney
toes spur creative thinking!

~ I am completely obsessed with Halloween!  Every October, my house is the
creepiest on the street (inside and out).  I even have life-sized robotics.  But no
vampires ... I'll explain that below.

~ My favorite ice cream is Cinnamon and I especially love it with pecan praline
sprinkled in.

~ I plagiarized (stole someone's writing - which is a REALLY bad thing to do) from a
teen magazine when I was in 9th grade.  My teacher could see through me like plastic
wrap and I got in BIG trouble.  I never cheated on anything EVER again!

~ There are three other writers/illustrators named Susan Mitchell.  One Susan writes
poetry, another
Susan illustrates children's books, and still another Susan writes just
about everything.

~ I was terrified of vampires as a kid.  They still creep me out, I don't care how sparkly
or romantic they may seem.

~ My favorite color is blue (and pink, and green, and black, and ... well, you get the
idea.  I like them all
- especially if they are neon or glittery.)

~ My birthday is on April Fool's Day - April 1st.  Seriously ... no joke!

~  I have a neon green alien in a jar on my desk ... we call him Jerry.  I have a class
pet rock.  His name is Steve
(he has his own webpage ... seriously!)

~  Oh yeah, I already mentioned the monkeys ... but
, you have to admit that's a pretty
weird one.
FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions
When did you begin writing?
~ I didn't realize I was a writer when I was young.  It was something I liked to do, but it
never dawned on me that writing was something that I could do for a living.  I used to
write stories and poems (really terrible ones) all the time.  I even loved writing book
reports and term papers.  Until 2003, I never gave it another thought.  

What happened in 2003?
~ I got angry about an incident of discrimination and wrote to the editor of my town's
paper.  Then I remembered and realized the power of my words.  My parents had
tried to get me to be a writer for years and told me they would do anything I needed
to get started.

How did you get started with children's books?
~ Children are the coolest people in the world!  I love them and would rather be
around them than most adults.  I have two girls and am a teacher, so I knew it was
what I wanted to do.  I almost never read adult books.  I truly love children's literature
and that is what I like to read & teach.

What advice do you have for writers?
~ Getting published is brutally hard.  Put on some skin-thickening lotion and get after
it.  The number one thing I would advise is to join
SCBWI.  Being a member of this
writing organization makes all the difference in the world.  Also, join a critique group.  
Being around other writers is the best classroom for any aspiring author.  And don't
TALK about writing ... actually WRITE something, re-write it about a hundred times
then when it is ready ... actually SUBMIT it to the right publisher.
~FAQ & Weird Facts
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